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Kent White Author and Friend 

The compelling, bone chilling action of Kent White's novel, LONGSHADOWS, promises to both terrify and excite, wrapping the reader in a suspenseful web of intrigue.  It is 1969 and the Vietnam War has been waging for over five years. The North Vietnamese Army has increased their cross-border attacks on American troops in South Vietnam. Elite Green Beret reconnaissance teams, operating covertly deep inside Laos, discover the presence of a Caucasian soldier fighting alongside NVA troops. Russian army advisor? Foreign mercenary? American deserter?  Set in the dark, nearly impenetrable jungles of southeastern Laos, LONGSHADOWS is the riveting story of a top secret Studies & Observation Group, or SOG, recon team led by Special Forces sergeant Steve McShane. A $10,000 reward has been offered to any SOG team capturing a Caucasian. Sergeant McShane and his team are selected for a special cross-border operation. Their mission: infiltrate the North Vietnameseâs jungle strongholds in Laos and hunt down the "longshadows".  Sergeant McShane pits his intelligence, courage, and strength against the enemy in a series of deadly clashes in the treacherous jungles of Laos. LONGSHADOWS is the saga of one manâs obsession to learn the truth that lies behind enemy lines.

Longshadows was written with so much emotion and descriptive detail that I found myself stealthily moving through the dank, dark jungles of Vietnam with your characters. There was adventure, heartache, bravery, courage and even an intertwined love story between the two adversaries in your novel. You have an amazing gift for story telling. I look forward to reading, PRAIRIE FIRE and BRIGHT LIGHT. Keep writing!
Much fondness and thanks, Janet Smith
(Writers Village University ~ Writing Mentor/Editor).

Copy New: 261 pages.   Author Kent White.

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